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“Putting your needs above all else is our number one priority!”


All agents are certified Construction Risk Insurance Specialists (CRIS) who work with carriers that have contractor specific programs.

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You’ll have your own Commercial Risk Manager assigned to you. One point of contact means you know exactly who to call and allows us to deliver on our promise to get back to you quickly.


A growing business needs coverage that changes with it. We regularly review coverage to make sure you have the protection you need at a great rate.


We work with multiple carriers that have contractor specific programs to get you the best rate without cutting corners on coverage!

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What will we offer you that’s different?

A Team of Certified Risk Insurance Specialists

When working with Contractors Insurance Agency you are working with a veteran team of highly qualified executives and agents. The members of our team are certified Construction Risk Insurance Specialists (CRIS) trained to help contractors just like you.

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Insurance Plans Tailored to Your Business

Using our RiskMAP™ Analysis your designated Commercial Risk Manager will consult with you and take a thorough evaluation of your entire business operations. Your designated Risk Manager will then roll their sleeves up and work hard to make sure you get great savings and great coverage.

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Outstanding Customer Experience

From a client who has been with us over 19 years to another who saved more than $36,000, find out what our clients have to say about their experience with Contractors Insurance Agency.


Experience + Specialization = Expertise

As its’ name implies, Contractors Insurance Agency specializes in providing insurance protection to business owners in the construction industry. With many clients in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, we offer tailored programs for carpenters, construction company’s/generals, electricians, excavators, HVAC, masons, plumbers, tree trimmers, and well drillers. The Workers’ Compensation Advisory program will provide you solutions to many unique challenges that your company faces. Putting your needs above all else is our number one priority!

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Serving Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, & Minnesota.

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